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Online Payments

Process payments online, setup autopay for tenants, automatic sending of invoices and receipts, configure automatic late fees and setup fees, and more...

E-Sign Leases

Customer information automatically added to each lease, simple online signing process for new customers, reminders to customers who haven't signed, and more...

Rent Reminders

100% automatic rent reminders (email and text) before rent is due and when it's late, configure custom reminders or use our expert ones, send the same email to all customers at once, and more...

Generate Reports

Select any time period (month, quarter, year, etc.) and generate revenue reports, sales tax reports, occupancy reports, or let us know a custom report you'd like and we'll make it for you.

You get a team of customer success agents who help you migrate your software and tenants.

Switch Software in Under One Week

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Tell Us About Your Operation

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We Setup Your Software & Website

Step 3

We Migrate Your Data & Customers

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You're All Set!

Premium Services

Professional Call Answering

Our customer service representatives will help pick up the phone for you.

Online Marketing & SEO

Jumpstart your online marketing with the help of our experts.

Software Created by a Self-Storage Owner
for Self Storage Owners

"I've been managing self-storage facilities since my senior year of high-school. When I bought my second self-storage facility and got charged a $400 "owner-transfer fee" to receive my login to the existing software, enough was enough. I made my own self-storage software to serve businesses small and large with a fair pricing system, no hidden fees, and improvements to every tool our competitors offer." - Hunter Webb (Founder and CEO)

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